Walmart Support & Customer Service Numbers 1 800 925 6278

Walmart has offered various methods from which customers can reach them in order to get help regarding any issue. All these methods are very effective but you have to select one that suits you. You can contact Walmart customer service by many ways such as by email, by Walmart community, by Walmart phone numbers and much more.

Contact Through Walmart Phone Numbers:

Different phone numbers are available from different departments. Below is the list of phone numbers that can easily accessible to get information about Walmart services and products. All the numbers are available 24/4 and you have to follow specific procedures before making a call.

  1. For customer service number: 1 800 925 6278
  2. For credit card services: 1 877 294 7880
  3. For business/community card: 1 877 294 1086
  4. For gift card: 1 888 537 5503
  5. For prescription: 1 800 273 3455
  6. For investor relations: 1 479 273 6463
  7. For media relations: 1 800 331 0085
  8. For membership services: 888 746 7726
  9. For discover card: 866 611 1148

Alternative Support Services:

Contact Walmart Via Email:

You have to contact Walmart via email and the email address to contact Walmart is  . This is best method you can choose as you do not to wait for a long time before getting a response. There are a number of emails from different departments of the company, but you have to choose the best according to your need.

Contact Via Walmart Corporate:

Walmart support center is one more method that can be used by customers in a great way.   As you get information regarding every department that exists in company. You can also get information from FAQs and their answers. You can get help from new post and get answers from the support center or customers who also face this type of problem.

Contact Via Walmart Community:

You can use Walmart community in order to get clear understanding of its services and products.  You can find review about other customers and some of the trending issues related to a specific topic.

Contact Walmart Via Mail:

You Can Contact Walmart Via Mail By Sending Your Correspondence To The Given Address: customer service,

850 Cherry Avenue,

San Bruno, CA 94066.

Who Can I Contact About My Check Issues?

You can call at Walmart check verification hotline by dialing (800) 866.0828 from your phone.

How Can I Get Information Regarding My Walmart Credit Card?

You can call at (800) 543.1987 in order to contact Walmart MasterCard customer service. This service is accessible twenty four hours a day and throughout the week. You may call at (877) 294.7880 in order to contact Walmart credit card customer service timing is 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

Offering Benefits:

About Walmart:

Walmart is an American global retail company that is operating a number of discount department store and warehouse stores. Company was established in 1962 and its products comprise of footwear/apparel specialty, cash and carry/warehouse club, super store/supercenter/hypermarket, ecommerce, supermarket and discount store.

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