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The publisher wants to souo the rights for a film Asian looking soul mate Qiyue is nowhere to be found but Ansheng refuses to help him and denies any involvement.

Coincidentally, the same day she bumps into Su Jiaming Toby Li Cheng-bina young Asian looking soul mate who played an important role in the past and he too evokes Qiyue and the online novel. Back at home, reading the memoir on a computer screen, she starts to recall the past.

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Different in character and family lolking, Ansheng and Qiyue respectedly Li Haofang and Yao Xinyan, in their younger versions meet at school at the age of Time goes by Asian looking soul mate the girls carry on with their studies and friendship but their dreams and their vision of the future are now rather different.

Free spirited Ansheng is becoming restless; she wants to see the world and live life to the full.

Asian looking soul mate is the first dramatic turn of their relationship and in the following years they will take very different paths, keeping in touch only through sporadic postcards. They will meet again a few years later, when Qiyue is about lookihg marry her sweetheart and again they will part dramatically.

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Asian looking soul mate some unexpected twists are in store to shake up a story that, up to this point, follows the traditional coming of age template. Despite few innuendos of Sapphic love that the marketing team has strategically!

This female-focused story spends most of the time developing the characters of the two protagonists in a plot that is simple and realistic enough to suck in the viewers and produce an emotional response, especially in the female audiences.

Moreover, it Asian looking soul mate about confronting the unpleasant side of yourself and find the guts to challenge it. The first 2 thirds of the movie are spent over this spul and growth while the last segment reserves some surprises and twists maybe even one too many, in my opinion.

The observational narration suddenly splits in different levels of reality, lies, memories, dreams and fiction, creating a stark contrast with the rest and a very emotional outcome.

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It works though, and it rescues the whole work from what could have been just another weepie. Needles to say the only male character is not explored and treated with the same attention.

Asian looking soul mate In maye, it is totally underdeveloped and reduced to a mere McGuffin device, which is slightly unfair.

Hong Kong celebrated writer Lam Wishung was part of the team and in an extensive interview she talked to us about the accurate work they had to do, not only to adapt an on-line short novella into a feature film but also to make it viable for both Hong Kong and Chinese audiences.

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Having grown up with his mum and Asian looking soul mate, Director Derek Tsang was very confident working with an all-female team of writers and two strong leading actress and it shows in his work. Lloking Dong and Ma Sichun embody casting and acting perfection. The film has a strong visual, it is pleasant, soft-lit and charming and the Asian looking soul mate has a mtae role in delivering correctly all the memories of the past and does an excellent job towards the end, when the film mixes reality, dream and fiction.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Asian Movie Pulse. Soul Mate by Derek Tsang.

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Film Review: The Shadow Play by Ye Lou. Detective Dee: Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Film Review: Soul Mate () by Derek Tsang

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Documentary Review: Diary of Cattle by Lidia Afrilita and David Indonesian Reviews. Short Film Review: