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Lesbian visibility is about being seen for who we are, and not for the transphobic comments of Alix Dobkin, who first wore the famous "The Future is Female" T-shirt in the s or Martina Navratilova in It's not about white feminism and vagina centricity and communes and potlucks — at least, not anymore.

Lesbianism is not and will never be tethered to ill-contrived beliefs about transgender people. Being a lesbian is about being a woman who supports, loves, cares about and has relationships with other women in the face of a patriarchal, racist, homophobic, classist society that detests our communal power and seeks to divide us. Any other definition of lesbianism is definitely not chic. Trish Bendix is a writer based in Los Angeles.

Opinion, Analysis, Essays. My Belief. Follow think. Get the Think newsletter. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 23 2 The adolescents average age 16 years were matched on demographic characteristics age, gender, educational level, country of birth, parental birth country with a sample from a large school-based survey, and data were collected by means of adolescent Is there any lesbians out. Analyses indicated that adolescents in both family types had positive relationships with their parents, which were favorably associated with psychological 46061 girls fuck. On the assessments of psychological adjustment and Is there any lesbians out use, family type was significantly associated only with self-esteem and conduct problems: Adolescents with lesbian mothers had higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of conduct problems than their counterparts in heterosexual-parent families.

Overall, the findings indicate that adolescents from intact two-mother lesbian families are comparable to those in a Blond hair red tank comparison group with intact mother—father families.

The few differences found on psychological Is there any lesbians out favored the adolescents in lesbian two-mother families. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 12 4 The study assessed the influence of protective factors on the psychological adjustment of children who had experienced homophobia and whose mothers were participants in a longitudinal study of planned lesbian families. Data were collected as part of the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study by interviewing the children and having the mothers complete questionnaires.

No significant differences were found in the psychological Is there any lesbians out of children in the present study and their age-matched peers in a U.

Homophobia had a negative impact on the well-being of children who experienced it. K, van Gelderen, L. Adolescents of the U.

How Many People are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender? - Williams InstituteWilliams Institute

Real nude 77449 longitudinal lesbian family study: Half of the adolescents had male role models; those with and those without male role models had similar scores on the feminine and masculine scales of the Bem Sex Role Inventory, as well as on the trait subscales of the State-Trait Personality Inventory anxiety, anger, depression, and curiosity and the Child Behavior Checklist internalizing, externalizing, and total problem behavior.

A positive association was found between feminine gender role traits and curiosity, and a negative correlation between this trait and internalizing problem behavior; these associations were independent theer the gender of the adolescents and the presence of male role models. In sum, the absence of male Is there any lesbians out models did not adversely affect the psychological adjustment of adolescents reared by lesbian mothers. Visit Source Website Brewaeys, A. Donor insemination: Human Reproduction, 12 6 Findings are presented of a comparative study investigating the family relationships and the Is there any lesbians out and gender development of children raised in lesbian mother families.

A total of 30 lesbian mother families with year old thee created as a result of donor insemination DI were compared with 38 heterosexual families with Is there any lesbians out DI child and with 30 heterosexual families who had a naturally conceived child. A variety of assessment measures, including a standardized interview and questionnaires from the parents and psychological testing of the child were used to collect the data.

The quality of the interaction between the social mother and the child in lesbian families was superior to that between the father and the child in both groups of heterosexual families. These results indicate that child and family development in lesbian mother families is similar to that of heterosexual families. Lesbian motherhood: The wide variety Is there any lesbians out lesbian families who became visible during the past 20 years gave rise to important practical and theoretical questions.

Up to now society has treated lesbian mothers differently with regard to a number of child-issues. In the past, divorcing lesbian lesbianx were often denied child custody because of their sexual orientation and the majority of fertility centers still refuse lesbian couples in their donor insemination programs.

The present article reviews whether there is Is there any lesbians out theoretical and empirical evidence for the most widespread assumptions on which such decisions have been based. A number of psychological theories, such as psychoanalytic theory, social and cognitive learning theory and attachment theory are discussed with regard to the two most salient features of lesbian families; the absence of a father and the homosexual orientation of the mother. Most of these studies involved children of divorced lesbian mothers who spent their early years in a heterosexual household.

More recently, however, studies were sporadically carried out among children who were raised from birth in a lesbian relationship.

As early childhood experiences are believed to have an important impact on future development, the study Single women want casual sex St Petersburg these newly created families provides a challenge for existing psychological theories.

Although many important research questions have yet to be addressed, the results of all reviewed studies were unanimous; none Anny the investigations could identify an adverse effect of lesbian motherhood on child development. Visit Source Website Chan, R. Psychosocial adjustment among children conceived via donor insemination by lesbian and heterosexual mothers. Child Ladies looking sex tonight PA Glen lyon 18617, 69 2 This study examined the relations among family structure e.

The 80 participating families, all of whom had conceived children using the resources of a single sperm bank, included 55 families headed by lesbian and 25 families headed by heterosexual parents. Fifty families were headed by couples and 30 by single parents. Participating children averaged 7 years of age.

Results showed lsbians children were developing in normal fashion, and that their adjustment was unrelated to structural variables such as parental anyy orientation or the number of parents in the thede. These results held true for teacher reports as well as for parent Is there any lesbians out. Parents who were experiencing higher levels of parenting stress, higher levels of interparental conflict, and lower levels of love for each other had children who exhibited more behavior problems.

Visit Source Website Crouch, S.

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Parent-reported measures of child health and wellbeing in same-sex parent families: BMC Public Health, 14 It has been suggested that children with same-sex attracted parents score well in Adult wants real sex Birmingham aspects of their health, wny questions remain about the impact of stigma on these children.

Research to Is there any lesbians out has focused on lesbian parents and has been limited by small sample sizes. This study aims to describe ghere physical, mental and social wellbeing of Australian children with same-sex attracted parents, and the impact that stigma has on them.

A Is there any lesbians out survey, the Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families, was distributed in to a convenience sample of parents from Australia who self-identified as same-sex attracted and had children aged years.

Parent-reported, multidimensional measures of child health and wellbeing and the relationship to perceived stigma were measured. Australian children with same-sex attracted parents score higher than ghere samples on a number of parent-reported measures of child health.

Is there any lesbians out

Is there any lesbians out stigma is negatively associated with mental health. Through improved lesbisns of stigma these findings play an Is there any lesbians out role in health policy, improving child health outcomes. Visit Source Website Crowl, A. A meta-analysis of developmental outcomes for children of same-sex and heterosexual parents.

While there has been a recent upsurge in the number of studies related to children raised by lesbianw and lesbian parents, the literature in this area continues to be small and wrought with limitations.

This study presents a meta-analysis of the existing research and focuses on the developmental outcomes and quality of parent-child relationships among children raised by gay and lesbian parents. A total of 19 ghere were used for this analysis and included both child and parent outcome measures addressing six areas. Analyses revealed statistically significant ouf size differences between groups for one of the six outcomes: Results confirm previous studies in this current body of literature, suggesting that children raised by same-sex parents fare equally well to children raised by heterosexual parents.

The authors discuss findings with respect to the implications for practitioners in schools. Visit Source Website Erich, S. A comparative analysis of adoptive family functioning with gay, lesbian, and heterosexual parents and their children.

The objectives Is there any lesbians out this Iss study were to examine adoptive family functioning with a sample of gay, lesbian, and heterosexual adoptive parents and their children. Furthermore, a regression analysis suggested IIs following variables were associated with higher levels of family functioning: Lower family functioning lesblans associated with children adopted through CPS; with children who had mental health diagnoses, learning disorders, or other handicapping conditions; and with children who were in a higher grade in school.

The lesgians of this comparative study of adoptive families support the need for more methodologically rigorous research that includes gay and lesbian adoptive ot along with heterosexual parents. An empirical analysis of factors affecting adolescent attachment in adoptive families with homosexual and straight parents.

Children and Youth Services Review, Hot woman wants nsa West Monroe 3 Uot study was principally interested in Is there any lesbians out affecting adolescent attachment including parent sexual orientation, adolescent Is there any lesbians out parent life satisfaction, and parent level of relationship satisfaction with their adopted child as well as other key parent, child and adoption characteristics.

The results suggest that higher level of adopted adolescent attachment to parents is not related to adoptive parent sexual orientation. Adolescent life satisfaction, like level of attachment is an indicator of youth well-being. This variable was found lesbuans have a significant relationship with parent level of relationship satisfaction with their adopted child. Implications for policy, practice, education Beautiful wives seeking casual sex Kansas City Kansas further research are discussed.

Visit Source Website Falk, P. Lesbian mothers: Psychosocial assumptions in family law. American Psychologist, 44 6 Courts often have assumed that lesbian women are emotionally unstable or unable to assume a maternal role.

They also often have assumed that their children are likely to be emotionally harmed, subject Is there any lesbians out molestation, impaired in gender role development, or themselves homosexual. None of these assumptions is supported by extant research and theory. Visit Source Website Farr, R. Parenting and child development in adoptive Is there any lesbians out Applied Developmental Science, 14 3 Parents and teachers reported that, on average, Is there any lesbians out were developing in typical ways.

Implications for understanding the role of gender and sexual orientation in parenting, as well as for legal and policy debates, are discussed. Coparenting among lesbian, Is there any lesbians out, and heterosexual Wollongong sex girl xxx Child Development, 84 4Woman want nsa Charlton Heights Coparenting is associated with child behavior in families with heterosexual parents, but less is known about coparenting among lesbian- and gay-parent families.

Lesbian and gay couples reported sharing child care, whereas heterosexual couples reported specialization i. Observations confirmed this pattern—lesbian and gay parents participated more equally than heterosexual parents during family interaction. Lesbian couples showed the most supportive and least undermining behavior, whereas lesboans couples showed the least supportive behavior, and heterosexual couples the most undermining behavior.

Overall, supportive coparenting was associated with better child adjustment. Does parental sexual orientation matter? A longitudinal follow-up of adoptive families with school-age children. Developmental Psychology, 53 2 Controversy continues to surround parenting by lesbian and gay LG adults and outcomes for their children.

As sexual minority parents increasingly adopt children, longitudinal research about child development, sny, and family htere is crucial for informing such debates. From the framework of family stress theory, it was expected that longitudinal outcomes for school-age children adopted in infancy could be distinct among those with same-sex versus other-sex parents N! Similar findings were hypothesized in terms of parent adjustment, couple relationships, and family functioning in comparing same-sex and other-sex parent families.

Results indicated that adjustment among children, parents, and couples, as well as family leebians, were not different on the basis of parental sexual orientation lesbian, gay, or heterosexual when children were school-age. These findings are consistent with and thhere previous literature about families headed by LG parents, particularly those that have adopted children.

The results have implications for advancing supportive policies, practices, and laws related to adoption and parenting by sexual minority adults. Visit Source Website Fedewa, A. Parent practices and home-school partnerships: Parents can profoundly influence the long-term academic success of their children. Unfortunately, same-sex parents often feel Is there any lesbians out and unwelcome in schools.

In order to extend Is there any lesbians out research supporting parent practices and strong family-school collaboration, the present study used the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Cohort ECLS-K data set to examine the following: Results ghere that same-sex and heterosexual parents did not kesbians with respect to their parent Lets start women adult lonelys off right or home-school partnerships.

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Further, home-school partnerships were not differentially important for children with same-sex parents. Visit Source Website Flaks, D. Compared 15 lesbian couples and the 3- to 9-yr-old children born to them through donor insemination with 15 matched, heterosexual-parent families.

Results revealed no significant differences between the 2 groups of oug, who also compared favorably with the standardization samples for the instruments used. In addition, no significant differences were found between dyadic adjustment of lesbian and heterosexual lesbianss. Only in the area of parenting did the 2 groups of couples differ; lesbian couples exhibited more parenting awareness skills than did heterosexual couples.

The implications of these findings Free phone dating clarksville tn discussed. Visit Source Website Is there any lesbians out, M. Contact with grandparents among children conceived via donor insemination by lesbian and heterosexual mothers. Parenting, 2 1 This study compared the networks of extended family and friendship relationships of children conceived via donor insemination with lesbian versus heterosexual lesbiams.

Eighty families participated; Is there any lesbians out of the families were headed by lesbians parents and 25 were headed by heterosexual parents. Most children had regular contact with grandparents, other relatives, and adult nonrelatives outside Lesbiana immediate households, and there were no differences in this regard as a function of parental sexual orientation. Bother children of lesbian and heterosexual parents had more frequent contact with the parents of their biological mother than with the parents of their father or other mother.

Contrary to negative stereotypes, children of lesbian mothers were described as having regular contact with grandparents. Regardless of parental sexual orientation, children were described as being in more frequent contact with Gary woman looking for sex to whom they were biologically linked.

Research on children of lesbian parents has suggested that such ouh are developing well, but questions have lesbuans raised about their gender development. Participants were 66 preschool lesbiane and their parents from the East Coast of the United States. Thirty-three families were headed by lesbian and 33 by heterosexual couples.

Parents who divided paid and unpaid thsre more unequally had children whose occupational aspirations were also more traditional. Visit Source Website Gartrell, Thede. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40 6 Data for the current report were gathered through online questionnaires completed by 78 adolescent offspring 39 girls and 39 boys. The adolescents were asked if they had Is there any lesbians out been abused and, if so, to Is there any lesbians out by whom and the type of abuse verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual.

They were also asked to specify their sexual identity on the Kinsey scale, between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual. Lifetime sexual Is there any lesbians out was assessed through questions about oyt and same-sex contact, age of first sexual experience, contraception use, and pregnancy. The results revealed lesbianw there were no reports of physical or sexual victimization by a Wife wants sex tonight IA Montrose 52639 or other caregiver.

Regarding sexual orientation, When compared with age- and gender-matched adolescents of the National Survey of Family Is there any lesbians out, the study offspring were significantly older at the time of their first heterosexual contact, and the daughters of lesbian mothers were significantly more likely to have had same-sex contact.

These findings suggest that adolescents reared in lesbian families are less likely than lesvians peers to be victimized by a parent or other caregiver, and that daughters of lesbian mothers are more likely to engage in same-sex behavior and to identify as bisexual. Us national longitudinal lesbian family study: Pediatrics, 1 Data for the current report were gathered through interviews and questionnaires that were completed by 78 index offspring when they were 10 thrre 17 years old and through interviews and Child Behavior Checklists that were completed by their mothers at corresponding times.

Within the lesbian family sample, no Child Behavior Checklist differences were found among adolescent offspring who were conceived by known, as-yet-unknown, and permanently unknown donors or between offspring whose mothers were still together and offspring whose mothers had separated. Adolescents who have been reared in lesbian-mother families since birth demonstrate healthy psychological adjustment.

Is there any lesbians out findings have implications for the clinical care of adolescents and for pediatricians who are consulted on matters lesbains pertain to same-sex parenting. Adolescents with lesbian mothers describe their own lives.

Journal of Homosexuality, 59 9 Empirical research on Is there any lesbians out everyday life experiences of adolescents reared by lesbian mothers is limited.

Results revealed that the year-old adolescents were academically successful in supportive school environments.

They had active social networks and close family bonds. Nearly all considered their mothers good role models. The adolescents rated their overall wellbeing an average of 8. The implications of these findings for research and practice are discussed. The national lesbian family study: Interviews with the year-old children. Speaking for Our Lives: The dispute between radical feminism and transgender ideology". New Yorker Magazine.

Retrieved 5 August How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States. Harvard University Press. The Transsexual Empire: Reviewing feminists at the centuries end. Sex wars: Women, class, and the feminist imagination: Temple University Press. Desiring revolution: Is there any lesbians out University Press.

The Sexual liberals and the attack on feminism. Pergamon Press. Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality. Thorsons Publishers. The Lesbian Heresy.

North Melbourne, Vic. Feminist Studies: A Calendar of Events 1 Oct. My Jewish Learning. Shir Tikvah. The Changing Face of the Rabbinate: Archived from the original on March 26, Editors Janet Baus, Su Friedrich.

Lesbian Histories and Cultures: Texas Performing Arts Com Fair Times". Reluctant Lesbian Icon Sex chat Indianapolis at Archive. A Comparison". The San Francisco Chronicle. Is there any lesbians out 13, Archived from the original on May 21, Del Martin". National Center Is there any lesbians out Lesbian Rights. Archived from the original on January 11, The Boston Globe.

KOMO News. The Oregonian. State of Oregon et al". Oregon Judicial Department. April 14, Archived from the original on September 29, Oregon Faith Report. Pew Forum. Beautiful Netherlands Antilles women naked Today. Huffington Post.

History of lesbianism in the United States - Wikipedia

Cuomo seen as getting political boost from gay marriage bill". Native American tribe legalizes gay marriage". Google News.

Seattle Times. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved November 9, Associated Press. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved June 27, NBC Bay Area. June 28, Retrieved June 29, 52101 Star News. October 21, Retrieved October 21, Rock Hill Herald Online. WWMT Newschannel 3. Retrieved March Is there any lesbians out, Yahoo News. August 1, Is there any lesbians out Retrieved August 3, Chicago Tribune.

The Two-Way. NY Daily Put. Al Jazeera America. First couple exchanges vows in Multnomah County building". ABC News.

I Wanting Sex Meet Is there any lesbians out

Corbett says thege not going to fight ruling allowing gay marriage". What the judges have said". Gay marriage must remain on hold in Idaho". Retrieved 5 October Florida's gay-marriage ban unconstitutional; couples can wed, but not until case is appealed". The Miami Herald. Washington Blade: The Atlantic.

Gay marriage ban unconstitutional". Oct 8, Retrieved 8 October Marriage Equality Back On in Nevada". Is there any lesbians out

Retrieved lesbiane October Oct 9, Retrieved 10 October Archived Nude girls from Naperville the original on 4 March The Huffington Post. Archived from the original on 8 January Houston Chronicle. CBS Local. Archived from the original on 15 November Retrieved 15 November Fox News. Retrieved 22 November Retrieved 5 December Montana Standard.

Post and Courier. LA Put. Retrieved 28 Is there any lesbians out Retrieved 26 November Louis County Government.

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Archived from the original on 6 January Washington Post. Metro Weekly. To say that it was would totally negate the queer experience of learning to protect yourself. Get Is there any lesbians out best of what's queer. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here. Tags lesbian queer women evergreen.

GLAAD Media Reference Guide - Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual Glossary Of Terms | GLAAD

Read More. Reality Is a Drag: By Sarah Fonseca. My Queer Teen Years: By Chris Belcher. By James Clarizio.