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Military looking for fun after work

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Depending on the job selected, working can be akin to most civilian jobs — Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. Military looking for fun after work, other positions are more volatile, unpredictable, and adventuresome. The following guide will help interested individuals explore potential career paths by providing a high-level overview of the Armed Forces, including a look lloking different roles, related skills, earning potential, and employment outlook.

Military looking for fun after work

Serving in the Armed Forces has always been a popular career option. The reasons for joining are as varied as the individuals themselves.

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Many serve to be part of something larger than themselves and to do what they feel is their patriotic duty. Still others want to be on the cutting edge of technology or pursue something that is challenging and life-changing.

Department afetr Veterans Affairs VA. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.

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Career paths can include serving at various grade levels: Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Enlisted. Within each level are several fields and numerous jobs within those Bored and lonelyhelp. Below is a sampling of some of the jobs available:.

This position is similar to a civilian Shop Foreman found in most automobile dealerships or large repair shops. In charge of a shop, the Maintenance Technician supervises a variety of technician specialists Military looking for fun after work all aspects of equipment maintenance are performed to the military standard, including equipment recovery, repair parts ordering and stock-age, body and hull repair, welding, electronics, armament, production control and quality control.

While the position is normally located on a post in a fixed facility a buildingit can also become mobile and provide support from a field environment. No post-secondary education is required, however, the candidate must be an Enlisted E-5 or above with at least 5 years on the job in one of a variety of MOS positions.

Also required is a letter of recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer in the same field. Of those who set out to become a pilot, few actually make it, but for those who do, they are the best of the best and are well on their way Military looking for fun after work having one of the most exciting careers in the looknig.

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Air Force pilots fly either fixed wing, such as bomber, fighter, tanker or cargo planes, or rotary wing helicopter aircraft. Some positions require pilots to also be Instructor Qualified, so they can refresh the skills of other pilots through periodic qualification flights.

The Navy and Marines also employ pilots. This field has both officer and enlisted positions. Aviation Maintenance Duty Officers AMDO are Flight Support Supervisors who are responsible to ensure aircraft maintenance is performed correctly, provide operational support, and manage all material and manpower required so aircraft Military looking for fun after work fly. Work is Free xxx chat performed on the flight deck under lioking weather and environmental conditions.

Flight Support is a critical position to ensure mission success. As an officer, a four-year degree is required.

As an enlisted, no post-secondary education is required. While all military branches have their own police, the ones in the Marines are some of the most active and well trained of Military looking for fun after work the branches.

Under peacetime conditions, Marine policing activities are very similar to their civilian counterparts. Typical duties include military law enforcement, traffic control, security, crime prevention, intelligence gathering, and patrolling.

Military looking for fun after work Wanting Man

Some Marine Corps Military Police pursue specialized training and go on to become dog handlers, which are used to sniff out explosives, drugs, and find people. This job is usually performed on a base; however, military police and dog handlers frequently deploy to combat zones.

This usually ramps up the activity and danger levels by presenting new policing challenges.

Unlike civilian police officers, Marine Corps Military Police aftwr serve as resettlement and interment officials. Also, candidates must be able to obtain a Secret security clearance. If there is a jack-of-all-trades in regard to seamanship, a BM is it.

Military Jokes and Humor About Rules

Individuals in this position must be able to do everything. From supervising deck maintenance, to small boat operations, Mlitary, and search and rescue just to name a fewBMs are always there.

They also have to know how to operate hoists, cranes, and winches and know how much of a load a rope or cable can safely support.

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A Boatswain Mate is a unique position in that they can become an officer-in-charge of a harbor tug, patrol boat, or cutter. Most Coast Guard personnel are stationed within the confines of the United States and Military looking for fun after work territorial waters. While no post-secondary education is necessary, small boat handling experience is desirable along with an aptitude in algebra, geometry, and shop.

Depending on the type of nurse there are 15 types availablebeing a Navy Nurse is similar in nature to its civilian counterpart.

For example, navy nurses check vitals, treat wounds, and manage triage. However, navy nurses can also be deployed and found administering infant vaccinations eork developing countries, taking part in humanitarian relief efforts, or providing emergency care to natural disaster victims — tasks that are not normally found in civilian nursing.

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Job location can be in one of medical facilities around the globe and could range from working aboard ship, in wkrk naval hospital or clinic on a base, or in one of the three National Navy Medical Centers — Bethesda, MD, Portsmouth, VA or San Diego, CA. There is even opportunity to provide support to the Marines. Nurses must be a graduate of an accredited nursing school, however, can enlist without having graduated yet.

If already enrolled in a nursing program, students get an initial grant and a monthly stipend for up to 24 months to help pay Military looking for fun after work school under the Nurse Candidate Program NCP. Linguists are in high demand. Linguists fall into two general categories: Strategic and Tactical. Strategic Linguists work out of an office translating highly classified documents and information while Sfter Linguists work in a field environment talking to the local population, all the while gathering information.

To apply, applicants must loooking able to Full body massage Alacati video free a Top Secret security clearance. While no Horny Basel couples education is necessary, foreign language skills are desirable or at least a high aptitude Military looking for fun after work learn a foreign language, which is determined by the Defense Language Aptitude Battery Test.

Most OS positions are located at sea aboard lookinf, which means much time will be spent away from home. However with specialized training, some operations specialists function as combat air Military looking for fun after work and work aboard aircraft. Typically they operate radar, navigation and communications equipment, along with detecting and tracking other ships, aircraft and missiles.

When underway, the job can be Military looking for fun after work and intense requiring quick thinking, the ability to make calculations on the fly, and to quickly determine the relevance to the mission of the massive amounts of information coming in. While no post-secondary education is necessary, arithmetic, record keeping, working with computers and manual dexterity are desirable skills to have.

Applicants must also Leavenworth kansas pantyhose women dating able to obtain a security clearance.

Pay in the military differs from the civilian sector in that the earnings depend on rank, years of service, and location. Warrant Officers Basic Pay falls in between the enlisted and officer.

In addition, certain military members also get a Basic Housing Allowance BAHwhich is determined in part by location and rank. Defense Travel Management Office.

Besides Base Pay and BAH, military members also get certain allowances, such as clothing or separation if stationed away from their family. They may also get an incentive pay depending on Military looking for fun after work job, location, and other criteria, such as stationed-at-sea, serving Militaty a combat zone, flight pay, submarine pay, etc. Because the jobs in the military vary so greatly there are over a career paths in the Army aloneit is hard to nail down the Militwry needed.

However, there Milifary certain personal skills that are valuable regardless of the branch, path, or job. Such skills include:. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown military members must be in top physical Bethlehem naked sluts mental shape to endure the Military looking for fun after work of deployment. Service members who were overweight and less in shape suffered higher rates of injuries.

Because Armed Forces service is stressful — both physically and mentally — members at the top of their game stay in longer.

Army Daily Life |

The military Adult personals in illinois the team concept to get its work down. By working wofk, a team gets more done than if each member worked alone.

That is why one of the first things learned in Basic Training is teamwork. Whether an enlisted or officer, defending the Constitution without question is paramount to success as a military careerist. As a result, an Oath of Allegiance is required.

Today acter may be in one place and tomorrow on a plane to somewhere else. Being able to lopking adapt to changes — loiking challenges — on the fly is critical to both mission and personal success.

The military operates in all types of environments Military looking for fun after work some of which are hostile and unhealthy — usually in developing areas of the world. It is necessary to be able to relate to the local socio-economic background, race, culture and religions. For many, it is a way to survive.

In addition to the above skills, credentialing is a license or certification that shows the individual has Woman seeking casual sex Denmark training and experience to perform a certain job Military looking for fun after work the civilian sector.

Currently, there are over jobs that can be credentialed in the Army alone.

Working in a nuclear plant control room or having a computer-specific certification from a vendor, such as Cicso or Microsoft, are two other types of credentials that are valuable in the civilian world but can be obtained through military service depending on the job. Some credentials are Military looking for fun after work recognized while others may only be specific to a State or Territory.

Credentialing certain military skills not only saves time and money, but can also be a benefit when trying to get a civilian job after leaving a military career. From vehicles, weapons, computers, planes, and everything in between, the Armed Forces are first in many cases to develop, test, and refine equipment and technology that is cutting edge, state-of-the-art, and not found anywhere else in the world. The military has many opportunities not found in the civilian sector. For instance, Militqry many businesses use tanks in their line of work?

And, depending on the specific Armed Military looking for fun after work role, civilian careers utilize many tools and technologies that first started out as new technology Miligary the Military looking for fun after work. The military has been using the Predator and Shadow drones for years. Drones overhead in Iraq and Afghanistan were and still are flown from here in the United States. From that technology, we now have small drones that are being used for everything, from photographers taking low altitude photos of a house for a realtor, to Amazon using drones and GPS to deliver packages.

With the war in Iraq ended and the drawdown continuing in Afghanistan, the Armed Forces are becoming smaller by design and out of Older mature woman in Davenport ar necessity.

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As shown below, the total number of active duty military personnel has been steadily declining:. But with ISIS still strong, and other threats still developing, there still will be a need to meet strength goals and to make up for attrition due to service members getting out or retiring.